Memorysquare lets you tell it. There is great healing that comes in remembering, reflecting and honoring those we loved. We provide a user friendly platform that allows a person's life to be told through photos, a biography, even shared stories from family and friends. We combine memorialization and technology that enables users of mobile devices to connect to this personalized tribute page while visiting the cemetery. Learn more...

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"The Memorysquare on my husband's headstone is such a comfort. It touches my heart each time I visit his grave and see photos of James as he lived. What a perfect way to showcase his life for future generations.

Ann T.

"Peck Funeral Home is pleased to offer the services of MemorySquare for many years now. Our experience with them and the service they provide are first class."

"After I lost my daughter, just the thought of going to the cemetery made me cry. Adding a Memorysquare has allowed me work through the grief process by remembering the good times. I can't believe how much of a comfort that was....and still is."

Harold A.

"What a wonderful way to share the memories of a loved one now and for future generations. We are delighted to offer the services of Memorysquare to our families."

"When my daughter died so did a part of me, visiting her grave was so tough. Adding a Memorysquare to her memorial has made those visits much easier, being able to view photos and read comments others have left."

Kenneth W.

"Reynolds Funeral Home is pleased to have a professional relationship with MemorySquare. We get comments regularly from families that the Memorysquare brought so much comfort to them during a difficult time."

Dexter Elliott, Owner

Reynolds Funeral Home

Decatur, AL

"The Memorysquare is such a wonderful addition to my husband's monument. It allows me to reflect back on our life together. It was like you knew my husband personally."

Alice F.

"Choosing the photos for my mom's Memorysquare was great therapy. It brought back many happy memories I would recommend this unique tribute to everyone."

Richard D.

"Offering the families we serve a complimentary Memorysquare has been such a blessing to us. Families are appreciative for the special touch the Memorysquare adds."

"The Memorysquare for our son was incredible! It elicited a whole spectrum of emotions: pride, joy, tears, and laughter creating a healing atmosphere where we remembered the good times during the tragic loss of our son."

Patricia and Allen S.

"Memory square has been an excellent tool for our funeral home. Arrangements are shared faster so that others know and can make plans to attend the service. The families we serve have responded positively and the response from the public is overwhelming.”

Micheal Sherman, Director

Parkway Funeral Home